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2014 GMC Acadia


GMC Acadia

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Remove wheels from vehicle; Inspect brake friction Material; Clean wheel hub areas; Dismount existing tires from wheels; Thoroughly clean wheel bead areas; Inspect TPMS valve stems or replace standard rubber valve stems; Mount new tires to wheels; Electronically spin balance tires; Reinstall wheel and tire assemblies to vehicle according to road force measurements; Torque lugs nuts to factory recommended torque specification; Test drive to confirm successful install; Perform second lug torque. Job complete.
  • Road Hazard
Joy L. gave our service a 5 star review on 3/20/2023
2014 GMC Acadia 2023-03-21T22:00:15+00:00

2016 GMC Sierra 1500


GMC Sierra 1500

Service Date
Services Performed
  • pulled codes u0403, p0652, and c0398 p0652 is for low voltage on the 5v reference line. tested all powers and grounds all check out good. indicating internal high resistance due to failing motor. c0398 is for invalid range actuator position. there is a re flash tsb due to this concern. recommended replacing shift motor and re flashing system
  • TRANSFER CASE ENCODER MOTOR – Remove & Replace – 4WD,T/Case Mfr CD 3023-4/NQH Actuator Assembly
  • Programming Fee
  • Reprogram Fee
James U. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/6/2023
2016 GMC Sierra 1500 2023-01-17T22:58:27+00:00